Saturday, November 09, 2002

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

1.) Is honesty always the best policy? Relate a plausible scenario where this might not be the case.

Of all the policies one could have, honesty is the best. It does not mean that it's a binary choice. I'll have to come up with a scenario worth writing about.

2.) Are you someone of who can't say no? If you're not, tell those of us who are, how to overcome the yes syndrome.

At home I have a tough time with no. At work, it's easy.

3.) What's your remedy for sleepless nights?

Alka-Seltzer Plus.

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

be potato.

(From Linda, just for jf!)
Tuesday Too # 23

1.) Do you have a friend like Mr. Potatoehead? In other words do you have a friend that trouble seems to follow like a bad penny? Tell us about that friend or one of his/her bad pennies?

jf, I'm not sure anyone has a friend like Mr. Potatoehead. My name used to come up with the words 'bad' and 'penny', but that's rather a copout, and you all already get all my bad penny stories. There is a woman I know, she's the friend of my girlfriend's mother, that has a lot of medical problems that seem to get misdiagnosed or underdiagnosed frequently. The latest of these led to half her foot being amputated. I don't know the specifics well enough to comment on them here.

2.) Was there something you really meant to accomplish, or really wanted to do that you didn't do last week? How come you didn't do it?

I wanted to get information on worker retraining and get that underway last week. I went yesterday to explore this instead, and have a one-hour thingie to go to today at 2:30 for this.

3.) Pretend you're in the market for a therapist. What would be the therapist's most desirable quality? Why that one?

I want a cute female therapist. Well, actually, I want a therapist that is female, but not gorgeous. I find it easier to talk to women, but I can be easily put off by tremendously good-looking women. I've actually given this a lot of thought, believe it or not.

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Tuesday Too # 22

1.) Do you think pornography is dangerous? Why, or why not?

This statement is true. But then is that the real question?

Pornography, like most everything else can be dangerous. Eating meat is dangerous. Sitting in the sun is dangerous. The X-Files is dangerous. Is all pornography dangerous? Is some pornography dangerous? My opinion is that all pornography is not dangerous, but some is. What constitutes dangerous in this case? Hell, I don't know. And does it even matter? As a body of work, I can't say that pornography is more dangerous than some other pieces of work, such as The Holy Bible or the The Koran.

The differences are thus: pornography may provide certain people with an urge or an idea to do something they probably ought not to do (so would the X-Files, I'd wager). The holy books of the world's religions not only give people urges and ideas to do something they probably ought not to do, they also give an excuse.

2.) What do you think about people being held in jail without charges, without access to a lawyer, or a phone call for an indeterminate period of time?

In most cases, I would be against that. The exceptions are when it could be reasonably stated that this was for the greater public good. The exceptions would need to be accounted for however, and I'll bet that if you have a certain specific incident in mind that provoked this question, jf, the accountability is probably not there.

3.) How do you feel about this US program?

I'd be really surprised to find that you could find someone more ambivalent towards this than me. I really don't think that this is such a big deal. True, it can be abused, but everything the government does has the potential of abusing some citizen or groups of citizens, or even groups of non-citizens somewhere. It does not mean that this will be the case.

And honestly, I don't get the big deal. Effectively, they're asking certain industry workers to do what they're already doing in post-September America, being vigilant, but instead of notifying local authorities via 911 for suspicious, non-immediate, possibly dangerous activity these workers note, they call a national hotline. They're not being disabused (although they're not being encouraged, which I think they should be) of also still notifying the local authorities, so states' rights versus federal obligations ought not to be an issue. If the privacy wonks are concerned about the government having information about someone's movement that someone else considered 'suspiscious', well guess what? They've already got a means of getting that information. You cannot tell me that in this day an age, the average Teamster or postal worker upon noticing something they consider out of the ordinary isn't going to tell someone. And you can't tell me that the Justice Department, if they so desired and haven't done already, couldn't ask local law-enforcement to copy them on anything that matched this criteria that came across their desks.

Monday, July 22, 2002

Top Five

Movies, summers, etc.

Raiders of the Lost Ark
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Mystery Men

The Pocahontas one was funniest. I was in Okinawa when that came out, and worked across the street from the Camp Courtney Theater. When they put it up on the marquee, they left out the 'n'. I never actually saw the film, I just sat across the street and laughed at the seemingly X-rated name they'd turned it into with the omission of a letter.

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Early Tuesday Too (aka the Monday Moo, Tuesday Too # 21)

1.) What is the most important thing going on in your life this week?

My girlfriend is going to Utah this week. (Note to the single women that read this, I'm available until August 4. Don't flood my email with offers too fast! Yes, that was sarcasm.)

2.) Tell us about your quintessential faux pas.

I can give you one per year. The worst one was when I was twenty-three, I almost wound up in bed with one of my best friend's fifteen year-old sister. Very happily, I came to my senses at the last moment. I'd rather not go into more detail then that, as it was not one of my more shining moments.

3.) Why would you most likely be nominated to speak your mind, and what is it you're going to say?

I like to pretend that I'm the kind of fellow that most people would like to hear an opinion about most anything from (awkward sentence there). Truthfully, I'd probably be tapped for something droll like the parasitic symbiosis between the modern capitalist system in the digital era and it's relationship to software.

In a nutshell, there have been a host of articles recently that attempt to tackle the problems that happen in software these days that by all rights should not. There are a lot of very stupid errors that make it into software these days (Windows 98 almost shipped with a file called teensex.jpg -- and actually I'm not too sure about the 'almost' part of that claim) and a lot of the problems we face have everything to do with capitalism as a whole and only a little bit to do with software quality. (Not saying that capitalism is bad, it just presents challenges that need dealt with.)

Essentially we do not lack from talent, we lack the commitment industry-wide to pay for it -and- we don't put it where it's most needed. In every other business model I can think of, those that are most able to produce things -- the old hands -- are usually placed over a system of other folks who actually do the producing and the old hand checks their work. In software, if this is done, it is done badly with the manager (old hand) often sidetracked by everything else he needs to get done. He's still responsible for coding unless he's upper management, in which case he would probably make one or two trips down into the trenches to give advice. The devs are largely on their own and their work is often only checked by testers who have a pitious fraction of the knowledge of the developer and often miss bugs because they don't know what their looking at.

Pretty boring, huh?

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Tuesday Too # 20
1.) Yes conflicting theories abound, what do you think dreams (nightly adventures) mean, or do you subscribe to a particular theorist and why?

I don't remember my dreams often enough to care. When I do, they're usually fairly frightening so I tend to ignore the whole dreamworld altogether.

2.) When you are confronted by a homeless person asking for change, how do you respond? How does it make you feel? If you've never been in this situation, imagine it, and calculate your response.

If I have money, I'll generally give it. If I see the same beggar over and over again, well -- there is such a thing as a worn out welcome. If I don't have money, I won't. I also won't give money to people with signs at the sides of the road, unless it's ostensibly for them to get home on.

3.) Do you feel you have been short changed in any way by destiny/fate/god? If so, how?

Nah, I usually put the blame for things like this squarely on me. There are exceptions to that, but in my mind it pretty much holds that if I had made better choices I'd be better off. Besides, it all seems to balance out, as I get lucky too.